My Publications

  1. Self-dual binary codes from small covers and simple polytopes (coauthored with Bo Chen and Zhi Lü), Algebraic & Geometric Topology 18(5): 2729-2767 (2018) MR3848398
  2. Small covers, infra-solvmanifolds and curvature (coauthored with Kuroki Shintarô and Mikiya Masuda), Forum Mathematicum 27(5): 2981-3004 (2015) MR3393385
  3. On Homology Roses and the D(2)-problem (coauthored with Yang Su and Xifeng Jin), Science China Mathematics 58(8):1753-1770 (2015) MR3368181
  4. Localizable invariants of combinatorial manifolds and Euler characteristic, Archiv der Mathematik, 102(2):191-200 (2014) MR3169028
  5. Crystallographic groups with cubic normal fundamental domain, RIMS Kôkyûroku Bessatsu B39, 233-244 (2013) MR3156829 (Geometry of transformation groups and combinatorics, Proceedings of the RIMS Workshop held at Kyoto University, Kyoto, June 13-17, 2011)
  6. On the equivalence of several definitions of compact infra-solvmanifolds (coauthored with Kuroki Shintarô), Japan Academy Proceedings Series A. Mathematical Sciences, 89(9):114-118 (2013) MR3127929
  7. On 3-manifolds with locally standard (Z2)3-actions (coauthored with Zhi Lü), Topology and its Applications, 160(4): 596-605 (2013) MR3018075
  8. On transition functions of topological toric manifolds, Dal'nevostochnyj Matematicheskij Zhurnal 12(1):35-47 (2012) MR2946815 (a special volume for the international conference on toric topology and automorphic functions, Khabarovsk, Russia, September 5-10, 2011)
  9. Small covers and Halperin-Carlsson conjecture, Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 256(2):489-507 (2012) MR2944985
  10. On the constructions of free and locally standard Z2-torus actions on manifolds, Osaka Journal of Mathematics, 49(1):167-193 (2012) MR2903259
  11. Discrete group actions and generalized real Bott manifolds, Mathematical Research Letters, 18(6):1289-1303 (2011) MR2915482
  12. Topological types of 3-dimensional small covers (coauthored with Zhi Lü), Forum Mathmaticum, 23(2):245-284 (2011) MR2787623
  13. Surgery on links with unknotted components and three-manifolds (coauthored with Yu Guo), Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications, 19(12):1645-1653 (2010) MR2755493
  14. A property that characterizes Euler characteristic among invariants of combinatorial manifolds, Advances in Mathematics, 225(2):794-804 (2010) MR2671179
  15. A Superalgebraic Interpretation of the Quantization Maps of Weil Algebras, Acta Mathematica Sinica-English Series, 24(2):285-304 (2008) MR2383356
  16. On Contactomorphism Group of Contact Structure Overtwisted at Infinity on R3, Science in China Series A-Mathematics, 50(8):1087-1092 (2007) MR2370016

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