In charge:

  • NSFC: Error estimates and its applications on the high order time-marching discontinuous Galerkin methods for the hyperbolic conservation laws, 1/2021-12/2024
  • NSFC: Local error estimates of discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods (Grant No. 11671199), 1/2017-12/2020 【48】
  • NSFC: The tianyuan mathematics communication projection on the new development and anpplication of high order numerical methods (Grant No. 11726504), 1/2018-12/2018【29】
  • NSFC: Fully-discrete discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods for convection diffusion equations (Grant No. 11271187), 1/2013-12/2016 【50】
  • NSFC: Error Estimates to Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods (Grant No. 10871093), 1/2009-12/2011【24】
  • NSFC: Discontinuous Galerkin finite element for degenerate convection diffusion problems (Grant No. 10301016) , 1/2004-12/2006【8】
  • Collaborating projection with the Key Lab of ND: Discontinuous Finite element method on unstructured meshes of high-dimensional radiant fluid energy equations, 4/2003-3/2005【8/12】


  • Research on high order numerical methods for hyperbolic conservation law and its relative problems, 1/2016-12/2019【45】
  • Numerical methods on the high wave-number scatting problem with PML, 1/2011-12/2013 【25】
  • Discontinuous Finite element method on the 3d complex fluid computations, 1/2010-12/2013【150】
  • Adaptive finite element method for parabolic equations, 1/2002-12/2004【13】
  • New type finite element method for nonlinear convection-diffusion problems, 1/1997-12/1999 【7】