Zhi-Wei Sun's Preprints on arXiv  [2008-, 2000-2007, 1987-1999, SCI papers]
P56.Supercongruences involving Lucas sequences,
  preprint, arXiv:1610.03384.
P45.Natural numbers represented by [x^2/a]+[y^2/b]+[z^2/c],
  preprint, arXiv:1504.01608.
P36.On a^n+bn modulo m,
  preprint, arXiv:1312.1166.
P23. On convolutions of Euler numbers, preprint.
P10. Curious congruences for Fibonacci numbers,
  preprint, arXiv:0912.2671.
P9. Congruences involving binomial coefficients and Lucas sequences,
  preprint, arXiv:0912.1280.
P5. Various congruences involving binomial coefficients and higher-order Catalan numbers ,
  preprint, arXiv:0909.3808.
P2. Fleck quotients and Bernoulli numbers,
  preprint, arXiv:math.NT/0608328.
P1. Extensions of Wilson's lemma and the Ax-Katz theorem,
  preprint, arXiv:math.NT/0608560.