List of Zhi-Wei Sun's Publications (2000-2007)  [Preprints, 2008-, 1987-1999, SCI papers]
99. Groups in combinatorial number theory,
  in: Proceedings of the 4th International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians (Hangzhou, 2007),
  Vol. I, Higher Education Press, Beijing, 2007, pp. 475--495.
98. A characterization of covering equivalence (with H. Pan),
  Acta Arith. 129(2007), no.4, 397-402.
97. Congruences for sums of binomial coefficients (with R. Tauraso),
  J. Number Theory 126(2007), no.2, 287--296.
  [Ranked 1st among the most downloaded articles during July.-Sept. in 2007]
96. A survey of problems and results on restricted sumsets,
  in: Number Theory (edited by S. Kanemitsu and J.-Y. Liu), World Sci., Singapore, 2007, pp. 190--213.
95. On Fleck quotients (with D. Wan),
  Acta Arith. 127(2007), no.4, 337--363.
94. Mixed sums of squares and triangular numbers (II) (with S. Guo and H. Pan),
  Integers: Electron. J. Combin. Theory 7(2007), #A56, 5 pp.
93. A sharp result on m-covers (with H. Pan),
  Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 135(2007), no.11, 3515--3520.
92. Combinatorial congruences and Stirling numbers,
  Acta Arith. 126(2007), no.4, 387--398.
91. Combinatorial congruences modulo prime powers (with D. M. Davis),
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90. An extension of a curious binomial identity (with K. J. Wu),
  Int. J. Mod. Math. 2(2007), no.2, 247--251.
89. On the number of zero-sum subsequences (with H.-Q. Cao),
  Discrete Math. 307(2007), no.13, 1687--1691.
88. Mixed sums of squares and triangular numbers,
  Acta Arith. 127(2007), no.2, 103--113.
87. A number-theoretic approach to homotopy exponents of SU(n) (with D. M. Davis),
  J. Pure Appl. Algebra 209(2007), no.1, 57--69.
86. A connection between covers of the integers and unit fractions,
  Adv. in Appl. Math. 38(2007), no.2, 267--274.
  [Ranked 3rd among the most downloaded articles during Oct.-Dec. in 2006]
85. Simple arguments on consecutive power residues,
  J. Number Theory 124(2007), no.1, 57--61.
84. On covering numbers,
  INTEGERS: Electron. J. Combin. Number Theory 7(2007), no.2, #A33, 11pp (electronic).
83. Identities concerning Bernoulli and Euler polynomials (with H. Pan),
  Acta Arith. 125(2006), no.1, 21--39.
82. Finite covers of groups by cosets or subgroups,
  Internat. J. Math. 17(2006), no.9, 1047--1064.
81. A combinatorial identity with application to Catalan numbers (with H. Pan),
  Discrete Math. 306(2006), no.16, 1921--1940.
  [Ranked 5th among the most downloaded articles during July-Sept. in 2006]
80. On the unique representability of spikes over prime fields (with Z. Y. Wu),
  Discrete Math. 306(2006), no.15, 1798--1804.
79. On q-Euler numbers, q-Sali\'e numbers and q-Carlitz numbers (with H. Pan),
  Acta Arith. 124(2006), no.1, 41--57.
78. Binomial coefficients and quadratic fields,
  Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 134(2006), no.8, 2213--2222.
77. Restricted sumsets and a conjecture of Lev (with H. Pan),
  Israel J. Math., 154(2006), no.1, 21--28.
76. Polynomial extension of Fleck's congruence,
  Acta Arith., 122(2006), no.1, 91--100,
75. New identities involving Bernoulli and Euler polynomials (with H. Pan),
  J. Combin. Theory Ser. A 113(2006), no.1, 156--175.
  [Ranked 8th among the most downloaded articles during Jan.-March in 2006]
  Original version: arXiv:math.NT/0407363 and arXiv:math.NT/0408223.
74. Explicit congruences for Euler polynomials,
  Number Theory, pp. 205--218, Dev. Math., 15, Springer, New York, 2006.
73. A local-global theorem on periodic maps,
  J. Algebra 293(2005), no.2, 506--512.
72. On Euler numbers modulo powers of two,
  J. Number Theory 115(2005), no.2, 371--380.
  [Ranked 1st among the most downloaded articles during Oct.-Dec. in 2005]
71. On various restricted sumsets (with Y. N. Yeh),
  J. Number Theory 114(2005), no.2, 209--220.
70. On odd covering systems with distinct moduli (with S. Guo),
  Adv. in Appl. Math. 35(2005), no.2, 182--187.
69. On the range of a covering function,
J. Number Theory 111(2005), no.1, 190--196. MR 2005m:11015.
  [Ranked 8th among the most downloaded articles during Jan.-March. in 2005]
68. On two-way nondeterministic finite automata with
  one reversal-bounded counter
(with Z. Dang and O. Ibarra),
  Theoret. Comput. Sci. 330(2005), no.1, 59--79. MR 2005h:68068.
67. Two local-global results in combinatorial number theory (Chinese),
  Bull. Chinese Math. Soc. 2004, no.4, 13--17.
66. A reciprocity law for uniform functions (with L. Tao),
  Nanjing Univ. J. Math. Biquarterly 21(2004), no.2, 201--205. MR 2006a:11004; Zbl. M. 1066.11003.
65. Arithmetic properties of periodic maps,
  Math. Res. Lett. 11(2004), no.2, 187--196. MR 2005g:11015.
64. Some identities for Bernoulli and Euler polynomials (with K. J. Wu and H. Pan),
  Fibonacci Quart. 42(2004), no.4, 295--299. MR 2006a:11024; Zbl. M. 1064.11019.
63. On the Herzog-Sch\"onheim conjecture for uniform covers of groups (Abstract),
  J. Algebra 273(2004), no.1, 153--175. MR 2005d:20074; Zbl. M. 1067.20057.
62. On the function $w(x)=|{1\le s\le k: x \equiv a_s (mod n_s)}|$,
  Combinatorica 23(2003), no.4, 681--691. MR 2004m:11013; Zbl. M. 1047.11014.
61. On Snevily's conjecture and restricted sumsets,
  J. Combin. Theory Ser. A 103(2003), no.2, 291--304. MR 2004k:11026; Zbl. M. 1042.11016.
60. Combinatorial identities in dual sequences,
  European J. Combin. 24(2003), no.6, 709--718. MR 2004g:05017; Zbl. M. 1024.05010.
59. Unification of zero-sum problems, subset sums and covers of Z (Research Announcement),
  Electron. Res. Announc. Amer. Math. Soc., 9(2003), 51--60. MR 2004i:11017; Zbl. M. 1062.11015.
  [Submitted on 2003-03-20 and communicated by R. L. Graham.]
58. Safety verification for two-way finite automata with monotonic counters
  (with O. H. Ibarra and Z. Dang),
  in: M. Ito and M. Toyama (Eds.), Developments in Language Theory 2002,
  Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 2450, Springer, 2003, pp. 326--338. Zbl. M. 1015.68112.
57. General congruences for Bernoulli polynomials,
  Discrete Math. 262(2003), 253--276. MR 2003m:11037.
  [Ranked 12th among the top 25 of the most downloaded articles (from Jan. to May 2003).]
56. A lower bound for $|{a+b: a\in A, b\in B, P(a,b)\not=0}|$ (with H. Pan),
  J. Combin. Theory Ser. A, 100(2002), no.2, 387--393. MR 2003k:11016; Zbl. M. 1020.11080.
55. On the emptiness problem for two-way NFA with one reversal-bounded counter
  (with Z. Dang and O. H. Ibarra),
  in: P. Bose and P. Morin (Eds.), Algorithms and Computation,
  Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 2518, Springer, 2002, pp. 103--114.
54. Sums of subsets with polynomial restrictions (with J. X. Liu),
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53. Generalizations of Knopp's identity (with B. F. Chen),
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52. On systems of linear diophantine equations and linear congruences
  (Chinese, English summary) (with H. Pan),
  Nanjing Univ. J. Math. Biquarterly, 19(2002), no.1, 61--67. MR 2003d:11037.
51. On the sum $\sum_{k\equiv r (mod m)}\binom {n}{k}$ and related congruences,
  Israel J. Math., 128(2002), 135--156. MR 2003d:11026.
50. Sums of minima and maxima,
  Discrete Math., 257(2002), no.1, 143--159. MR 2003g:11037; Zbl. M. 1007.05018.
49. Restricted sums in a field (with Q. H. Hou),
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48. A curious identity involving binomial coefficients,
  Integers: Electronic J. Combin. Number Theory, 2(2002), A04, 8 pp.
  MR 2003b:05018; Zbl. M. 0986.05012.
47. A note on integers of the form $2^n+cp$ (with S. M. Yang),
  Proc. Edinburgh Math. Soc., 45(2002), no.1, 155--160. MR 2002j:11117.
46. On covering equivalence,
  in: `Analytic Number Theory' (Beijing/Kyoto, 1999), 277--302,
  Dev. Math., 6, Kluwer Acad. Publ., Dordrecht, 2002. MR 2003g:11014; Zbl. M. 1026.11020.
45. An extension of Lucas' theorem (with H. Hu),
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44. Hall's theorem revisited,
  Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 129(2001), no.10, 3129--3131. MR 2002h:05007; Zbl. M. 0966.05067.
43. Integers not of the form $c(2^a+2^b)+p^{\alpha}$ (with M.-H. Le),
  Acta Arith., 99(2001), no.2, 183--190. MR 2002e:11043; Zbl. M. 1006.11015.
42. Restricted sums of subsets of $\Bbb Z$,
  Acta Arith., 99(2001), no.1, 41--60. MR 2002j:11016; Zbl. M. 0974.11009.
41. On n-dimensional covering systems (Chinese) (with Z. Hu),
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40. A note on the Erd\"os-Ginzburg-Ziv theorem (with J.-X. Liu),
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38. Algebraic approaches to periodic arithmetical maps,
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37. Exact m-covers of groups by cosets,
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36. Products of binomial coefficients modulo $p^2$,
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35. Some identities on linear recurrent sequences of second order
  (Chinese, English abstract) (with H. Hu),
  Nanjing Univ. J. Math. Biquarterly, 17(2000), no.1, 86--92.
  MR 2001e:11012; Zbl. M. 1020.11013.
34. On integers not of the form $\pm p^a\pm q^b$,
  Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 128(2000), no.4, 997--1002.
  MR 2000i:11157; Zbl. M. 959.11043.